Where is the triple digit cvv in American Express?

AMEX card can be slightly different from taking Visa or Mastercard. 

Where is the triple digit cvv in American Express?

cvv in American Express

Unlike the VISA and MasterCard cards, American Express where American Express itself is a CV/CVC code on the front of the card located at the top with a smaller size. And usually American Express will apply a 4-digit CVV code.

The CVV number on American Express is on the back of the card and consists of three digits (see below), in AMEX this will be the CID number and if you use this as your CVV number when processing payments, the number will be rejected. The CVV number on AMEX is the digit above the last few digits of the card (see below) and that is what you must enter when processing the payment.

Even though times change, the American Express cards out there don't. We still see customers asking us about CVV every day, so this post is sure to stay relevant as always. However, do you know what CVV is for and what actually happens? Here are some neat little tips that you may not have realized:

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Why is CVV written on your card?

You might think that this is so that you can shop online and pay without your card. This is actually to make your card more secure by protecting it from skimming, or scanning, because the CVV number is not on the strip on your card. Pretty neat!

Where is the triple digit cvv in American Express?

Unfortunately there is no customization behind this and it mostly comes down to how AMEX likes to classify and categorize things.  This 4-digit CVV is what we know and use for CNP (Card Not Present) transactions. However, AMEX actually has a 3-digit code on the back, just a code known as CIP, which is basically the same thing your VISA and MasterCard will ask for. AMEX just developed a separate layer of security and added a CVV number on the front too, because they care too much not to!

What is the difference between CVV, CVC, CID, CVV2?

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