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Cases Of Souls Leaving the Body Recorded by The Camera Made Many People Interested


The clip pulled from the camera captures the spectacle of the spirit, leaving the body that is at the moment of death.

The clip extracted from the cam.era catches the spectacle of the spirit, leaving the human body at the moment of the death, causing much concern.

Referring to the soul, many people think that they are saying superstition. These folks have the belief in the things they view, what science has shown. In fact, even though science is growing, there are phenomena that science can't explain.

Body and soul are two pieces of man. The spirit will escape. Whenever someone dies, just the body will soon be cold. There are pictures of the earth without explanations of the soul, but many still don't believe in it.

Pictures are listed from the room of an Indian man. According to the camera, everything looked normal until he went to bed.

The morning after, the body has been shown to be stiff, and the evaluation revealed he had died of heart disease that was sudden.

The body of spirits leaving the body is recorded by cameras all around the world.

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