Paypal customer service business tips and contact numbers

When it debuted in 1998, PayPal was the first service to make electronic payments publicly available. However, since then, more businesses have launched as merchant service payment processors.

Paypal customer service business tips and contact numbers

There are several reasons why you might be looking for paypal customer service business alternative, including:

  • You sell digital goods or services. PayPal does not offer seller protection for digital goods or services.

  • You are interested in lower costs. PayPal fees will vary based on the product you use; however, some payment processors will charge lower credit card fees or fees for cases such as chargebacks.

  • You need features that are specific to or better than what PayPal offers. While PayPal has a number of payment solutions, certain providers, such as Stripe, will offer more sophisticated online payment customizations.

Paypal customer service business tips

  • Take good faith. open conversation and what the buyer has to say before making any assumptions.

  • Be constructive. Make it clear to your buyer that you want to solve the problem, and your customer will usually reply. This initial show of mutual respect should make the rest of the conversation more productive.

  • Stay focused on the solution. If your patience is running low, resist the temptation to pay a little attention to your customers – it will only make it harder for you to strike a deal.

  • Think long term. Not every battle is worth fighting. If you give today's shoppers a break, you can open the door to more business opportunities tomorrow.

  • Precede. The Resolution Center lets you enter a message that all buyers will see before they can open a dispute. For example, if you send a message that says, "All from Buffalo now due to a blizzard," you are giving an opportunity to understand the situation before the dispute.

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Paypal contact phone number

Main: (408) 967-1000

Customer Service: (402) 935-2050

Toll Free: (888) 221-1161

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