What is marketing position - Understanding the Definition Market Position and its Criteria

Positioning strategy is a very important factor in increasing the strength of a company's market position. In addition, a positioning strategy is needed as a step in determining the market segment of a business. Positioning must be carried out by the company before undertaking a branding strategy or determining how to apply branding in business.

Positioning is one marketers' efforts to improve the image, perception, and imagination related to the products offered to consumers.

What is marketing position - Understanding the Definition Market Position and its Criteria

In the following, we will discuss the meaning, purpose, and benefits of positioning in business.

Definition Positioning

According to Philip Kotler, positioning can be defined as the act of designing a product and the marketing mix so that a certain impression is created in the memory of consumers.

Furthermore, Kotler and Keller stated the notion of positioning as a way to find the right position in the market after determining the segmentation strategy to be used.

Company must be able to identify the position of competitors (competitors) and then decide to take an equal position or look for the best opportunities in the market using a strategy that has been made previously.

From these two opinions, positioning can be interpreted as a step that must be chosen by a company to place a product in the minds of consumers with product characteristics that are superior to competitors.

Positioning Purpose

According to Hasan (2008), there are three goals for the company to do positioning. The three goals include:

• Place and position products on the market so that they appear distinct and separate from competing brands.

• Positioning product so that it can convey some of the product's uniqueness to the customer.

• Achieve results expected by the company that include meeting the needs of a more specific market segment, limiting the possibility of sudden changes in sales, and creating customer confidence in the brands offered

Benefits Positioning in Marketing Strategy

Proposal of Craven (1991) states that positioning has a very important role in the marketing strategy war, especially after companies do market analysis and competitor analysis in internal situation analysis (total situation analysis). Here are some of the benefits of positioning in a marketing strategy.

• Companies can sustain tough prospects in communications, boom, media and advertising.

• Companies that are able to create ways that consider the weaknesses and weaknesses of the company itself.

• Companies that are able to create ways that consider and take advantage of opportunities from strengths and competitors.

• Companies can make smart use of aspects that consumers have in mind and connect existing relationships.

• Make it easier to select stored information.

• As the company's last bastion against communication, as a forum to filter, accept, and reject the information offered.

• Repositioning of the consumer's mind has been formed.

• Company can determine the value of the evaluation and create  perception map.

Positioning strategy is a major factor in increasing market power for company compared to a competitive niche market. This strategy is oriented to the thoughts or perceptions of consumers in an effort to find loopholes in the minds of consumers. Thus consumers have a special image of the product, brand, company.

In a way, this strategy puts forward the point of view of consumers and competitors. When consumers begin to doubt the positioning of a product because it is not covered by sufficient evidence, consumers will become distrustful of the company. Furthermore, consumers will look for products that are supported by strong evidence and also a consistent promotional mix, of course, from competing companies.

One of the things that can be used to support a positioning strategy, financial strategy. With good finances, you can better understand your abilities and can measure how well your company is with your competitors. You can use online accounting software that makes it easier for you to monitor your company.