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Topology Diagrams for Business Networks

Network topology is the network setting, including physical or logical chat about how connections and nodes are arranged to relate to one another.

There are many ways to network, with different pros and cons, and some more useful in other services. this decision must take into account the size and scale of the business, their objectives and budget. Several tasks go into effective network topology management, including planning management, visual mapping, and general performance. key is to understand goals and requirements for creating correct network topology for your business.

Topology Diagrams for Business Networks

Diagram for network topology

There are many topologies that have been built by corporate networks today and in past. Some of the network topologies we will look at include:

Bus Topology


  • Easy installation
  • Great for small businesses
  • Low cost
  • Easy to manage and develop


  • The performance of the spine is very important
  • Easy to jam at busy times
  • Efficiency decreases rapidly with each added node

This type of network topology is often called a line topology. If bus topology has two end points then it is referred to as linear bus topology.

smaller topology type network that uses coaxial or RJ45 cable to connect devices together.

Ring Topology


  • Low incidence of collisions
  • Low cost
  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Dual ring option provides continuity through redundancy

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  • One wrong node will weaken entire network
  • Requires extensive preventive maintenance and maintenance
  • Performance decreases rapidly with each additional node
  • Network reset requires a full system shutdown

Ring topologies used to be used in the past, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a company that still uses them today.

In this topology, one node is selected to configure network and monitor other devices. ring topology is half-duplex but can also be made full-duplex. To create full duplex ring topology, you must have two connections between network nodes to form Double Ring Topology.

Star Topology


  • Easy to manage from a single point - a switch
  • Easy to add and node
  • Durable
  • Low cable usage
  • Great for small businesses


  • Requires specialist network hardware (switch)
  • Switch performance network
  • Limited number of port switches limits the network size

Star topology is a topology where each node in network is connected to central switch. The relationship between these elements is the central network  is server and other devices that serve as clients. The central node is responsible for data transmission medium across network and acts as repeater. With star topology, computers are served with coaxial cables, twisted pair, or fiber optic cables.

Tree Topology


  • Blends bus and star topologies
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to develop
  • Suitable for medium sized businesses


  • Requires networking expertise
  • This involves lot of cables
  • Larger implementations require monitoring software
  • Can be expensive

As the name implies, tree topological network is a structure shaped like a tree with many branches. A tree topology has root node that is connected to another hierarchy of nodes. As general rule, tree topology must have three hierarchical levels to be classified in this way. This form of topology is used in Wide Area Networks to support many distributed devices.

Mesh Topology


  • High speed data transfer
  • Durable network that doesn't depend on a single node
  • Very safe
  • Suitable for high-value networks for small to medium-sized networks
  • Easy to identify broken equipment


  • Requires very large number of cables
  • It may be difficult to get all the cables out
  • It took long time to get ready
  • Requires careful planning

Mesh topology is a point-to-point connection where vertices are interconnected. In this topology form, data is sent via two methods: routing and flooding. Routing where it uses routing logic to determine the shortest distance to the destination of the packet. In fact, flooding is where data is sent to all nodes on network. Flooding doesn't require any routing logic to work.

With partial mesh topology, most of nodes are interconnected but some are only connected to two or three other nodes. The full mesh topology is where each node interconnected.

Hybrid Topology


  • Very flexible
  • Suitable for medium and large organizations
  • Can be extended indefinitely
  • Adapt to optimize equipment usage


  • Requires professional management
  • Requires api software
  • High equipment costs

When a topology consists of two or more different topologies, it is referred to as hybrid topology. Hybrid topology is most often found in large companies where each department has network topology that is different from other topologies in organization. Connecting these topologies together will produce hybrid topology. As result, capabilities and vulnerabilities in topology types are tied together.

Thus a review of the network topology with diagram.

Hope this helps you.


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