Easy Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Aug 12th

Brick fireplace makeover ideas might not seem like something that may be done inside a weekend alone, but with just a little spark of creativity and a few labors, you are able to transform your hearth prior to going to work the listed Monday. All you‘ll need is inspiration, and once the Internet has brought everybody closer together, there isn‘t any shortage.

Floor To Ceiling Brick Fireplace Makeover

Following are a listing of weekend brick fireplace makeover ideas that could have your room taking on the life of their own in a couple of short days. While you read through these, do not think that certain idea is exclusive from another. You are able to either enact the alterations suggested herein or pick and choose ideas from each to obtain the brick fireplace you are looking for. Get started by:

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Painted drywall – Bricks are secure and classy and elegant, and that they deserve to become seen. But they could be fairly limiting in the way you present them to be able to the general public. In case you actually need your fireplace to be up and coming, then you ought to consider cutting some drywall to suit the dimensions from the structure and apply hand painting that enhances the brick in order to make the foremost from the new look.

This‘ll require some minor expertise at interior design and residential construction, but just suppose the customization options that you should have at the disposal.

Fireplace extension and add-ons – If have the ear of a multi-purpose room, you‘ll wish in order to make the fireplace bigger. Add a partition in between to store firewood or magazines or anything of your respective choosing. Also, consider adding a concealable curtain that you may use to chop off one section of fireplace when it is not active.

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A set overhanging mantle is likewise helpful for party situations because it can become a spot to rest drinks and finger foods. This may require considerably more expertise when one thinks of construction. You‘ll wish to feature tiling all around the fireplace to reach along with your focus on details!

Blend bricks into your wood surrounding and utilize contrast – Perhaps one of the simplest looking brick fireplace makeover designs is likewise perhaps one of the best. If have the ear of a basic brick fireplace, consider adding a wood surround and whitewashing the 2 to a similar color and consistency.

Then, rather than going with tile for the ground jutting in front from the fire, make use of a darker shade of brick to create the contrast. The effect is striking and can add slightly of elegance and sophistication to some weathered and aging fireplace.

Whichever idea You Think That is the greatest, ensure that you will know what you are doing in advance and please don‘t have a DIY step if you are uncertain.