Clothing is important on a holiday to Lapland but you really don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds and you could be pleasantly surprised by reading the following how some items are of course essential but others not so. A good ski jacket for adults and children is one of those essential items. The coat will be the first line of defence against the cold and we all know that temperatures can drop significantly lower than anywhere else in the world. For children, try and invest in something that they can wear back home, be conservative with colours because children will grow out of coats very easily and at least they can get some wear out of it.  For adults it’s not important to worry about growing out of them and a good coat will last you years and so therefore you can use it on every trip to winter destinations and back at home.

Good gloves again are essential, ski gloves are a must as they are designed and made to withstand the cold and when you do go out and about on your winter activities there is nothing worse than cold hands. One pair is sufficient enough and again if you invest in good quality, they will last for ages. The children also need ski gloves and they are made in various sizes, take them with you when you purchase them as the gloves can be very thick and what looks the right size can sometimes not fit.

Good thermal socks, a couple of pairs each again is sufficient and it’s always best not to think your good thick socks will do the trick. Cold feet will quickly develop even with good boots and the children especially will be miserable if their feet are continuously cold.

A hat is also essential; again opt for a proper ski hat that will ensure when you are out and about skiing that you will be nice and comfortable.  A face scarf is also a good idea for everyone, children especially suffer from chopped faces, and especially around the mouth area where the cold chaps the skin and this can become raw and uncomfortable.

Waterproofs for everyone are also essential especially when skiing and doing activities. Waterproofs are not just for keeping you dry but also guard against the cold and if you were to go out without them, you would certainly feel the difference in your legs. For adults, waterproof trousers are the best and for children, especially small ones, salopettes are ideal.

Don’t worry too much about thick jumpers as it is much warmer to wear lots of layers which enables the air to trap between the layers and create warmth. Your normal winter clothes will be worn under any waterproofs and this will be sufficient. Remember to pack some extra socks for when you are indoors as your thermal socks will be far too hot and the log cabins and hotels are very warm and you will want to change out of all of your thermal gear once indoors.

When eating out many people worry about entering bars and restaurants in their waterproofs but it is common practice once you are inside to take off your coat and leave on your waterproof trousers. For the children it is perfectly fine to eat in their salopettes  and once their coat is off, they will be more than comfortable.

Finally good quality thermal snow boots are essential, if you haven’t got the correct foot wear; your feet will be constantly cold. Good quality snow boots are available from most winter wear outlets and the children’s sizes vary enormously.

The water in Lapland is also some of the purest in the world and is perfectly safe for drinking and the food is very safe and the risk of food poisoning is no more than it would be in the U.K.